Trips| Hout Bay

Monday, 14 January 2013  at 4:38 pm
Afternoon Lovelies!

The best place to eat great seafood would have to be Hout Bay! With the bustle of tourists, the smell of the ocean and an endless supply of sea gulls trying to catch a quick bite, Hout Bay would definitely be the best place to eat the freshest seafood. When I was younger, I would visit Hout Bay all the time with my mother, it was a way for her to get away from the stresses of life and an opportunity for me to increase my ever growing seashell collection. Hout Bay is an afrikaans word which translates to "Wood Bay", why they named it that, I have no idea but I'm not complaining.

View of the bay area, where all the boats dock.

Although it might look like it's very hot, because of the blazing sun but, because the wind was blowing it was pretty chilly that's why I', wearing the jacket.

Shorts::Jay Jays

Yummy Hake and Calamari rings!

My mum and I decided to visit the fish market, it's not a huge fish market like Japans fish markets, but it's a fish market none the less. The fishermen will catch fresh fish specifically for the fresh market, so the fish is always fresh and has that characteristic ocean smell.

I had no idea Hake looked like this! Hake is by far the fish that I would eat all the time, it's very light and isn't heavy on your stomach at all. But, it looks so scary! The one saying "grrr" is the one my mum bought *laughs*

Only one more tourist destination left to visit, and I'll have some tutorials on their way!

Till the next tourist destination!
Bye Bye!


  1. Wow! I love seafood, and this place is awesome! hahaha
    calamari rings tastes good too,
    it's just a shame that I don't go often to places like that. lol
    So I get my seafood dish from restaurants which are far from the sea!!!

    1. Where I stay now, is also far from the sea, we're literally land locked! So, when I eat seafood at the seafood restaurants it tastes bleh! But, it's better than nothing if you can't go to a coastal city and get fresh seafood! The only reason we visit places like these is for the experience XD

  2. Lovely views. Wish I could be there on this cold winter day.

    1. The views are lovely in real life ^^ the pictures don't do them justice! Thanks for commenting Dyanna!