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Sunday, 6 January 2013  at 11:29 am
Morning Lovelies!

Right now I'm meant to be getting ready for another photoshoot at a beautiful botanical garden! I can't wait to upload the pictures once I've uploaded all I've wanted to upload from my previous hauls and other odds and ends. So please look out for that!

I wouldn't say that you get big lashes, but they do open your eyes, I find that when I don't apply it my eyes look smaller but the minute I apply it my eyes immediately look more awake and bigger!

I was tired of my oily nose! I hate having combination skin, honestly! All I need now is a powder brush, this powder works well for absorbing the oil I need it to, which is predominantly on my nose and chin. It's a shade lighter than my actual skin tone and doesn't look weird at all because it get absorbed eventually by the oil. I can wear the powder for half the day without having to reapply! 

I decided to buy eye gel patches because while I was studying I didn't get much sleep, so I would have these ugly dark bags under my eyes and they eye gels offered some relief in that it made the appearance of my dark circles appear better.

Love Green Tea masks because it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated afterwards.

The worst cuticle remover I could have bought, I should have invested in a cuticle remover that actually works I feel when I use this it just doesn't do the job that it states on the bottle. I can understand that cuticle removers are meant to soften your cuticles so that it can be easily removed but even after the softening and washing it off I still find it hard to remove my cuticles.

Love the leather panelling trend, I also bought tights that were leather panelled on the sides and another pair that were panelled on the inner thigh. I recently saw a nice leather panelled skirt at Cotton on but it was too expensive.

The straps had to be shortened because it was heaps too long which is probably not noticeable in these pictures.

My first Maxi skirt (?) I honestly have no idea what these skirts are called but when I set my eyes on it I had to get it, it's so flowy and elegant!

I originally bought this floral bag to take with me to uni, but I realised it kind of swamps me because the bag is literally bugger than me. So now, I'm on the lookout for any trendy backpacks!

Has a subtle fishnet detail to it.

I love the garter look on pantihose because then I don't have to go out and buy an actual garter *laughs*

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!


  1. Great haul, I love the triangle print leggings and those brown oxfords! Found your blog through Soompi, btw :)


    1. Thanks for commenting Christy! I really, really like your blog! ^^

  2. lovely blog....amazing giveaway on our blog http://comeduegoccedacqua.blogspot.it/2013/01/giveaway-sissi-hand.html

  3. I love the oxfords! Where did you get them?

    1. I got the oxfords at Foschini, I'm not too sure if there's any shop like that overseas but it's found down here in S.A