Thursday, 8 March 2012  at 11:05 am
Afternoon lovelies

I'm sorry I've been missing for so long (I don't know how long I've been away for) but my health has once again taken a dive for the worst. I had gastro enteritis last week and I lost so  much water I had to drink electrolytes and everything that I ate just passed out of my system. And now, I suffered a panic attack the muscles in my neck and chest went into spasms and every time I ate or drank something it would hurt so much I can't even describe the pain. It's just so many things in my life have been causing me stress lately, my schedule is so full I hardly have any time to spend with my favourite person. I understand that as you progress further in your academic career the time that you would usually have to yourself is taken away, but I'm finding it hard to adapt. Last year when I was in uni I was able to spend every single day with my favourite person and these days just seeing him is a treat. But, there's nothing I can do about it, besides working hard and getting through this year swiftly. I just feel like I'm the only one handling this lack of free time and not being able to see my favourite person badly. I'm not trying to make it sound like he doesn't miss me, I know he does, it's just the lack of free time is killing me!

Thank you for letting me pour my heart out. Now, on to the actual post, I'll be posting some pictures of what I've been doing these past few weeks.

I tried my hand at baking! I baked these red velvet cupcakes for my favourite person for valentines day, mind you, they didn't taste good but he still ate them *laughs*

Believe it or not but my brother had this shirt when he was 19 years old he's now turning 36! You could say this shirt is kind of a heirloom, he wore it when he was in uni and I'm wearing it now.

My first time at the Medical Campus trying to find my Physiology tutorial class.

The students on medical campus have it ten times better than science students! Their cafeterias are nicer, their staff members are nicer....everyone just seems so much more helpful unlike on the science campus.

My Friday Molecular and Cellular Concepts lab. I hate Friday labs with a passion! We had to do an experiment on e.coli hence the Petri dishes and micro pipettes.

The owl that I drew on my McB file.

A bag my friend bought for me for my birthday when she was in Thailand, she's now studying medicine in China.

The lovely array of medicine that I had to take while my body decided not to keep anything solid in my system.

I had to do nail designs on my own nails to show my favourite persons sister how I could possibly do her nails for her end of year dance.

Excuse the dirty nails, it isn't dirt underneath my nails I swear! It's black nail polish that managed to creep underneath. 

Complimentary cam-whoring ensues!

White tank top (underneath)- Woolworths
White top- Edgars
Denim shorts- Trueworths
Grey jersey- Woolworths
Gladiator sandals (not pictured)- Luella
Bow necklace- gifted by my favourite person

Closer look at the necklace.

If you don't enjoy the sight of blood stop here, cover your eyes and scroll all the way to the bottom. So, in my Physiology lab we had to do a blood practical. We had to determine our hematocrit levels and other things. I didn't pay much attention to the other practicals because I just wanted to find out my blood type *laughs*

My blood had to be put into a saline solution. A saline solution doesn't affect the cells and it thinned out the blood so that the agglutinating factors could agglutinate the blood faster.

As all my lovelies should know I have a bleeding problem, so even though my blood was thinned out it took extremely long for my blood to show signs of agglutination. At first it seemed as if I was AB+, but upon later inspection, I'm actually O+! I was so happy because this is my mothers blood type, but, ironically enough I can't donate blood to anyone even though I'm the perfect donor.

Agglutination in response to the Rhesus factor.

Yum! Yum! Absolutely love this peach juice! And I can ONLY buy it at the Chinese restaurant down the road from my mums school. It costs 10 zar ($1.32).

Changed my cellphone cover to Rilakkuma again!
I'm sorry lovelies for the lack of updates but things in my life right now are a bit hectic and....unpredictable. So, please just bear with me for now.

Till the next post.
Bye Bye~


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better now!

  2. ^^ I'm glad I'm much better now to Jessica