First attempt at lace

Saturday, 31 March 2012  at 8:36 pm

So, I tried my hand at lace nail art(?) I wouldn't really call it lace nail art since you just cut out lace in the form of your nail and place it on wet nail polish. I honestly, have to say, that by far this is the worse look I have ever seen adorn my nails, I really despise it. I tried it because favourite persons sister really liked the look and she wanted me to re-create it on her nails I personally don't like it. But I'll get on with the post and my lovelies can see for themselves.

I realised that the lace design/pattern that I used was too condensed and too busy. I also couldn't put a top coat on because it would soak through the lace and it would look dull and wet, but of course this wouldn't deter me from trying/experimenting until I was satisfied! My second attempt will be uploaded sometime in the week. ^^

Until then.
Bye Bye~

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