Fatigue and aches

Thursday, 9 February 2012  at 9:17 pm

So...I woke up at something to eight this morning with the most awful aches! I swear my bed was bathed in ache and fatigue. But that wasn't the best part, oh no! Then I had nausea and couldn't eat breakfast until one in the afternoon. I know I'm complaining like an old person, but, I've been experiencing nausea on and off for three days now. On a good day it will vanish then suddenly return like rain in a desert. It isn't something new though. I know the way I'm writing it might sound like it's something that I'm only recently experiencing, but for some reason I tend to get sick out the blue. When my body feels like spiting me, it takes a dash of nausea and a whole lot of fatigue and just throws it at me! But that's that and I'm still alive and will overcome it! *laughs* My quest to get a second ear piercing isn't going to fabricate any time soon maybe next year I'll be posting pictures of a new edition to my ear lobe. And that's a big maybe. Lectures are starting again for me in less than three days, oh the joy...But! I have an action plan to make things easier for me, want to know what it is? Study before the time! *laughs* Usually I study a week before an exam, and I still manage to pass, not wonderfully though. But who checks your marks right? They only worry about the degree behind your name. But I have to study hard this year so I can go to Asia next year with my favorite person!! Can't wait! I don't have a haul sadly, but I thought I would share some more pictures of the quality of images the Samsung Galaxy 2 spews out at your fingertips. Onto the pictures!

Indoor natural lighting, I used the secondary camera which is the front camera.

In the car natural lighting, I used the main camera.

Sally Hansen in #13 Celeb City. Artificial lighting without flash.

With flash.

I should have a review post up and another China Town haul up soon!
Until then!
Bye Bye!


  1. Hope you'll feel better soon, and have fun with the lectures lol. Lovely pics, the quality looks great!

  2. Thank you Shen! ^^ I hope I'll get better soon too