I'm back!

Friday, 30 March 2012  at 6:53 pm

My lovely, lovely lovelies! How have all of you been? Good I hope! ^^ I didn't update for a while because of block tests and studying and uncontrolled emotions *laughs* Seriously, three majors in uni is a force to be reckoned with. I come with heaps of updates and nail art/nail experimentations! But before I get onto that, remember I said I had to do favourite persons sisters nails for her end of year dance? Well, if I didn't mention it I'm mentioning it now *laughs* her nails looked so good! I wanted to take a picture of the final product but it seemed to have slipped my mind. I'm considering doing all my nail art on her nails, I love her nails! Her nail bed is naturally longer so her nails look longer without even growing out the actual nail, love! So as I said I've been busy with block tests I wrote Scientific practice (which is the chemistry part of my course) on Monday, Physiology on Tuesday and I wrote Concepts (biology part of my course) today. So, my weak was really full! But I do apologize for the lack of updates. I'm on my week long break now...yes you heard right...WEEK long break which is nothing but, eh, I'll be spending it with favourite person so it's all good! ^^
Onto the post!

I had a lab after my test yes...a lab after a test. I was exhausted after but anyway we have to do  these crosses with fruit flies and test for epistasis and the golden Mendelian ratio! I hate genetics, I'm never becoming a geneticist. 

This was when my hair was still fairly long I tried the whole day to do a fishtail braid! And when I managed  to get it right and perfect the technique....I cut my hair off *laughs* it's really cute though the fishtail braid I love how it looks.

What I was doing when I was meant to be studying

OFTD I guess? I was trying on the purple cardigan it wasn't in my size I'm not an XS unfortunately * laughs* Woolworths recently had a 25 zar ($3.27) sale! It was on items that were already on sale just marked down further, and everyone knows, when items are going for that cheap your size is never in that sale pile so I eh'd the sale. My mum went at 9 the morning to salvage some bargains here and there *laughs*

Updates will of course be more frequent!
Until the next post my lovelies!

Bye Bye~ ^^

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