Vacation trip part 1

Friday, 6 January 2012  at 12:14 pm

My lovelies! I've been away for quite sometime haven't I? (laughs) My vacation wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it would be. There was tons of drama and unfortunate events that took place while I was down there. My family and I wanted to get away from it all because the drama and tension escalated while we were down there. So, we couldn't wait to get to come back from our home town(laughs). Besides everything that happened, I was sick the entire vacation. Believe it or not, I didn't realise that missing someone can make you ill! Favourite person went back to his home town as well. He left after me. When he left after me my health deteriorated, everyone in my family told me that I was love sick (laughs). I was beyond love sick (laughs). He's still in his home town, but he's coming back in three weeks time, we've been separated for a month now. It sucks. But my health is picking up, because I'm not in my home town any more and I'm closer to where he lives (laughs). Pushing all the drama and love sickness aside, I have surplus amount of vacation pictures, so I figured to not kill your bandwidth/slow your internet connection down. I will upload the pictures in two parts. The first part will of course be the beginning and middle part of my vacation and the second half will be the ending part of my vacation. I didn't visit as many tourist destinations as I'd have liked to, but I'll have more pictures in June when I go down with favourite person (smile).

Touchdown in my home town!

Waiting for the luggage.

My kitty comes with me everywhere (laughs)

On our way to the parking area

I've always wanted to try out the golf cart service but I never have the chance to

Parking area at Constantia shopping centre. This shopping centre is close to the beach, I love it. The beach is a 15-20 min drive away. 

There's always fresh fish in stock. That's the one advantage of living near the coast, there's fresh fish all year round.

Lobster tails

I think this is shrimp? Correct me if I'm wrong

Personally I don't like Yellowtail (yes, it does have a yellow tail). The meat is tough. I prefer Hake the funny thing is I've never seen what Hake looks like, I haven't seen it's head only it's body. Hake has the softest meat.

Fish selection

I have no idea what the name of this fish is, I know it's fresh water. I like the patterns on its skin

I was surprised when I saw this. It gives me an excuse to use caramel in my coffee all the time (laughs). It isn't sweet at all, I thought it would've tasted like normal caramel that is used for toppings on cakes, but, I was disappointed. The consistency I didn't like and the taste of it wasn't to my liking.

Comfortable OFTD, I was too lazy to dress up. So I settled for an oversize sweater and tights.
Orange oversized sweater = Trueworths
Tights = Woolworth's

One of the local malls in the area. They're making it bigger so it can appeal more to the public

They've been in construction for over a year now

Christmas decorations inside the mall

It's Father Christmas!

I wanted to buy this jersey, but my mum said I was going to destroy it because of all the holes in it (laughs). I really thought it looked cute, paired with a flowey skirt or black shorts, it would look so cute!

I bought the white cardigan because I didn't have a cardigan in this style

The white top underneath the jersey I bought. It looked great tucked into a skirt

I had to pay a visit to the doctor because I was in bed for over a week and I was constantly exhausted. When I was younger I would come here all the time because I was always sick and it was close to my house. 

Lazy day OFTD.
Dark wash blue jeans + brown tank top underneath + Flower shoes = Trueworths
Flower loose fitting top = Jay Jay's

This reminded me of the movie that's out on the circuit, the Tin Tin movie. I've never been a fan of Tin Tin but my brother and favourite person like Tin Tin.

Essence color and go #78 blue addicted. The color reminds me of the sea.

Off to visit my fathers side of the family.
Beige top + light brown sandals (not featured) = Trueworth's
Red flower skirt = Jay Jay's

Off to go shopping at Century City.
White romantic top = Foschini
White tank top underneath = Woolworth's
Light wash ripped jeans (lost) = Foschini
Brown oxfords + leather bag = Trueworths

I happened to misplace these jeans, so I didn't bring them with me when I left my home town. So, I'll have to look for my ripped up jeans when I go back in June.

The entrance to Century City. This is kind of a super mall in my home town it only has two levels but it's very spacious.

One of the many restaurants situated in the mall. I couldn't take that many pictures of the mall, because I got sick and had to be rushed out. The mall is much bigger than this

My aunts kitty! I love this cat! It's so cute! It was so calm and stayed on my lap the entire time I was there.

It has white fur by its feet so it looks like it has white socks on (laughs). I adore this cat.
And that's the end of the first half of my vacation (laughs). It wasn't that interesting I did the usual as I usually do. But bonding with my family again was really nice!

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!


  1. oooh you are back~ good to see more pictures!

  2. nice pictures! looking forward to more~

  3. The pattern on the fish is interesting indeed, it almost looks like that of a snake. That aside, lovely pictures, anticipating future posts ^^