Recent haul-ish

Monday, 16 January 2012  at 7:23 pm

Today I present to you my lovelies a haul-ish (laughs). The majority of the haul is recent but a few bits and pieces are from my Christmas shopping in my home-town. My "real" Christmas haul will be uploaded when my favourite person returns, so, please anticipate that post! I have registration tomorrow...the longest drag of my life. I've been at uni for a year so you might think I might have some idea of what to do. I'm clueless. I usually get to the venue and I don't even know what to sign up for (laughs). Hopefully tomorrow will proceed swiftly!

Trying on clothes at my favourite retail store, Jay Jays! Bought black shorts and the top featured above. The quality of fabric of the black shorts isn't to my liking. So, I'm guessing I'll buy a pair of black shorts at Woolworths that are made out of cotton.

I wish I had bought this flowy orange shirt instead, in my opinion I think it fits better with my black shorts.

Aren't the colours perfect for Summer?

I need to take in some of the straps so that I can wear it without an annoying tank top showing underneath.

Croppped blue top with sewn in tank top = Trueworth's 

I know it's wrinkled and looks terrible, I apologize, I forgot to hang it up and I'm just lazy like that.

Tan gladiator shoes = Luella 400 zar (49.35) 299 zar ($36.89)
My new babies! Aren't they precious? And gorgeous? Ah, I love them! And they were on sale! And they're leather! GENUINE leather!

White t-shirt = Queenspark 250 zar ($30.83)  149 zar ($18.37)

Another white t-shirt which I bought in dark green as well = Queenspark 250 zar ($30.83) 149 zar ($18.37)

White tank top = Queenspark 199 zar ($24.54) 129 zar ($15.91)

This top looks much better worn than hanging on a hanger bought it at Edgars.

Cascading jersey = Trueworths 250 zar ($30.83) 149 zar ($18.38).

Simple yellow tamk top = Edgars

Bought these at a mens store while I was buying gifts for my favourite person (laughs). I bought them at Markhams.

I love the grey beanie because it slouches at the back. I don't think it's meant to be worn as a slouchy beanie. but I can get away with it right?

And complimentary cam-whoring ensues!

Bought a few books at the Book Bin in my home-town. They were dirt cheap too! They were more or less 15 zar ($1.85).

A map of Tokyo...because you never know...

I hope everyone has enjoyed this post!
To everyone who has started uni again which I'm sure no one has yet, goodluck! And have a good academic year ahead!
Till the next post!
Bye bye!


  1. Great haul, especially loving the floral top and shoes! I laugh at the map of Tokyo - who knows, you may go there one day!

    Good luck for uni, I'm enrolling into one too and the process is so confusing D:

  2. ^^ thanks! Ahaha, I should've gotten a map of China because my boyfriend wants to take me there next year. I just got back from registration and it took me two hours to finish registering DX it is so confusing! I didn't really know what extra subjects I wanted to take, I only knew what majors to take, ahaha!

  3. i love the floral Jay Jays top!