Vacation trip part 2

Friday, 13 January 2012  at 8:12 pm
Evening my lovelies!

I hope everyone enjoyed the first instalment of my vacation (laughs). As promised I have come with the second instalment! I hope it won't disappoint anyone! But, before I get onto that. I apologise for my lack of updates, usually by now I would've had a haul, an OFTD or a NOTD posted. My health has taken a detour for the worse once again. I had to be taken to hospital to get tests done on the amount of iron in my blood and get a haemoglobin count. I have a bleeding condition so I'm in and out of the hospital all the time. In December I had a bad month and thought I would need to be admitted but luckily I didn't have to be. So, that's why my updates have been far and few between,but other than that, enjoy the update!

Christmas day, all dressed up and no where to go. I look deep in thought don't I? 

I was waiting for food (laughs). I was so hungry I resigned my phone to the pocket on my dress and I never do that (laughs)

On my way to the Waterfront.

The famous Table Mountain one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Coastline view at the Waterfront, the buildings on the side are apartments and hotels for tourists

Immaturity at its best (laughs)

I love the never ending expanse of the sea

White cotton top + red pants + white tank top = Woolworth's
Black walker shoes = Trueworth's

Entrance to the Waterfront. The Waterfront use to be a refreshment station for the Dutch East India Company in 1654 and is now a mixed-use area which focuses on retail and tourism and is a functioning working harbour.

Prices range from 80 zar($9.83)-800 zar($98.27) 

Food court area. When it's New Years concerts are held here. It's relatively safe at the Waterfont but staying here until midnight is a bit risky.

View of the harbour

I have no idea why this seal is here all I know is that it's bow matched my pants (laughs)

One of the many luxury cruise liners docked at the harbour

Off to visit my fathers side of the family.
White top = Trueworth's
Navy polka dot skirt = Jay Jay's

At Tygervalley shopping mall. It was so windy there!
Printed dress = Jay Jays
Navy jersey + Black gladiator shoes = Trueworths

I loved this cute teddy bear! It's so cute!

Please excuse the cellphone in my hand (laughs) I was talking to my favourite person  before he had to leave, he was at the airport during this time

I realised that I had lost weight during my two weeks in my home town I never realised how much until I tried on my size 11-12 years old skirt, and I still had space in it!

Lovely messed up wind swept hair (laughs)

Orange shirt + black shorts = Jay Jays
White tank top + Black gladiator shoes = Trueworth's

On my way to the beach

Boulders beach was the beach I went to. It got its name because of all the boulders.

Having girl talk with my mum! Don't worry I wasn't ignoring my mum, it kinda looks like I was but my brother called me.

Pictures of a wave hitting a rock, I love them.

Posing like a noob (laughs)

We drove around the entire peninsula

An estate along the coast, I'd love to live here, but, if anything had to happen, I would be doomed since I can't swim (laughs) 

I hope everyone has enjoyed the second and last instalment of my vacation! I'll definitely have hauls and more OFTD's posted soon!

Till the next post
Bye bye!


  1. Lol at the seal's bow matching your pants. Lovely pictures, your vacation looked great! Also hope you get better soon!

  2. In absolute shock with the beautiful place. you are so lucky. you are running a nice blog here. do visit mine ;)