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Sunday, 4 December 2011  at 2:33 pm

Lovelies, it seems this year is rapidly approaching its end. Time, for me seems to fly by. Not so long ago, I was a young fresh-ling in university trying to find my way amongst the wise and cunning second and third years (laughs). I remember at that time I spotted my favourite person at the university but never went up to him to say hi because I was too shy. I didn't realize that he was such a friendly and open person. Don't judge a book by its cover! Looks are very deceiving. All in all this year has been good to me. First year has made me lose weight so I'm thinner (whoop whoop) and it's made me a bit mature. I have to sort out my own mess ups when it pertains to my academics. I still hate university and its enormous amount of work but the vibe and atmosphere of university life, I'll never get enough of. You meet so many new and interesting people, there's an adventure waiting for you within each passing day. I don't fully understand when people pass up a chance to go to university. Firstly, there are many people who would love to be in your position and study at a tertiary institution and secondly university life is something I believe everyone should experience. It forces you to grow up and thicken that second layer of skin you thought you never had. People will continuously put you down but you have to realize that they want to see you as another drop out and not as a somebody. Having a good support team is crucial. It helped me through all the bad times I've had to go through in first year. Luckily for me, I met my half-hearted best friend the day I enrolled at the university and my favourite person, well, I knew him for a few years before I met up with him face to face. So, he wasn't a random guy that I met at the university. I'm truly thankful for all the people I've met this year. They've changed my outlook on the world and opened my eyes to the opportunities that await me. Thank you!

So, lets end the philosophical speech there and move on to what my readers REALLY want to see. I come with a fashion haul, OFTD and a NOTD! The clothes were bought a few weeks ago (yes, I'm slow with my updates) and the Clinique Anti-blemish solutions, I can finally give my say on that. So, I started using the Anti-blemish solutions sometime in the middle of November and have been using it for 4 weeks now and I'm still using it, which is a good sign. It does lessen my breakouts to a certain degree, not the degree I want it to but, it gets the job done. I still do get the odd pop up of two or three pimples but I guess that's ok. The problem I have with it is, it leaves my face red after I've used it. Wherever my pimples are situated the area around the pimple will become red and puffy and which after sometime will disappear. The moisturiser which is meant to be light weight and non-oil based leaves my face shiny. I hate it. My t-zone is extremely oily and anything with oil in it, just amplifies the oiliness. It is light weight and feels great on my skin, but the oily residue isn't to my liking at all. I therefore have to use a pore minimizer (which will be featured in my haul) to keep my T-zone matte. It works great, at the end of the day my face is still matte. Sweat, heat and any of that bad stuff that makes your skin oily doesn't affect the pore minimizer, hence the matte affect of it lasts all day. It was about 195 zar ($24.22) which isn't a bad price for a product that actually works and gets the job done!

The cotton top was featured in my previous post, I don't know why I featured it in this haul.

I bought this at Foschini, I love the lace detailing and the gold accents.

My trusty black bag that I pair with all of my outfits broke, because favourite person stashes nibbles and coldrinks in it when we catch a movie (laughs). For some reason I'm drawn to box like bags, they seem more practical to me.

My naked face!

I was holding my favourite persons hand in case you were wondering why my hand is outstretched like that. I  honestly tuck everything into my skirts, I love the silhouette it creates.

Pac man!

I hope all my lovelies are enjoying the remnants of a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

Till the next post
Bye Bye!

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