Nail Art|Lazy Girl Nail Art Part 5!

Sunday, 18 January 2015  at 5:24 pm

Tomorrow is lab day! So this little blogger will be stuck in the lab all day everyday starting from tomorrow (oh, what fun!). On another note I chose these silver nail wraps from BornPretty Store which might I add are the best nail wraps I've applied in a long while. Usually nail wraps don't impress me too much when it concerns the adhesive department. They either start lifting after a week or I'm able to pick them off too easily. These however lasted a week and I had to remove them with nail-polish remover because I couldn't pick them off (score!). What did irritate me though about the nail wraps was a clear film over the wrap that started lifting after a few days. Once I pulled the film off the nail wrap actually looked better and more sparkly, so I'm not sure what that film was. I hope you like tonight's post! :)
*This item was sent to me for review purposes and all opinions expressed are mine and honest.

So I just realized what the film was that I was speaking about earlier. The film is what makes the nail wrap look as if it is a gel manicure so in other words, I don't suggest you pull off the transparent film like I did.

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Till we meet again!
Bye Bye! 

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  1. These nail wraps are so pretty!!!
    ughh teach me how to put them on perfectly >///< I suck at putting on nail wraps lol
    xx Charmaine

    - Charrmyn