Review| Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in #130 "Tease"

Wednesday, 9 April 2014  at 10:08 am
Good Morning!

I said many moons ago that I would be purchasing a second lacquer balm from the amazing Revlon line, I eventually did and of course it blew my mind away! The main reason I'm so in love with the lacquer balms, is not only it's longevity on the lips but that it hydrates my lips throughout the entire day I'm wearing it. I've never experienced any bleeding into the lines of my lips....and it's just amazing! If I could buy all the lacquer balms I would. I hope you enjoy this morning's post! :) If you'd like to read my review on Revlon's "Provocateur" lacquer balm clikey here!

I love that the lacquer balms are shiny as if they have built in lip gloss properties and that they are super hydrating. I can easily go 4+ hours wearing the lacquer balm and not feel a tinge of dryness or tightness on my lips. Sometimes, I use the lacquer balms as a chap-stick when my lips are a bit dry. On one occasion, when I applied "Tease" to my lips, they stuck to the flaky bits on my lips. But after a couple of hours my lips were moisturized and no flaky bits in sight!

I decided to swatch every lacquer and matte balm that they had down here in South Africa on my hand *laughs*. So for any S.A readers, from what I've seen there are only 6 lacquer balms and 7 matte balms available down here. The lacquer balms are swatched at the very top of my hand and the matte balms at the bottom of my hand. I've never had the desire to purchase a matte balm, because in my opinion they are a bit chalky and on my lips they look unflattering!

I hope you enjoyed this morning's post and it was somewhat helpful! :)
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  1. These are so gorgeous I want every colour! Great pictures and post.

  2. Lovely post. I've never purchased any of the balms from Revlon (not sure why). I hear such amazing things about it and it looks amazing on your lips! I love how the color is builable as well. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I'm glad you like the post Ashley :) You should definitely try out one of the Revlon lacquer balms!

  3. I've been really wanting to try out an orangey lip balm and this one looks quite natural on you so it looks like its worth a try :)