Life| The Cold & Clarithromyocin

Monday, 21 April 2014  at 7:43 am

So as the title suggests I've come down with a cold (boohoo!). I first started feeling ill on Thursday after uni and had the usual head pain, sore throat and temperature fluctuation. I went to the doctor the Friday and he prescribed me Clarithromyocin because I didn't want Augmentim because that gives me some nasty side effects. Let me tell you, for anyone out there who has a bacterial infection, do not allow your doctor under any circumstances to prescribe you Clarithromyocin! I took my first pill the morning I had come back from the doctor (after eating of course) and I had bad gastrointestinal side effects. If I could have taken my stomach out at that point I would have. On the second day, I started experiencing head-aches, I'd get suddenly very hot and I couldn't sleep. On day three, I had complete insomnia and I was only sleeping for a few minutes at a time. During the minutes I slept, I'd hear the voices of my mum and brother calling out to me although no one had ever been near my room. Apparently that's one of the uncommon side effects. I'm now meant to take my second last pill and seriously with all these side effects I'm sticking my cold out or until I go to the doctor for another prescription of antibiotics which I don't want. Usually I have no adverse reactions to antibiotics except Augmentin but this has had to top the cherry on the cake with the most amount of side-effects I've ever had to endure. Why anyone would prescribe an antibiotic like this is beyond my understanding. With that being said, this is why I haven't been posting, it sucks to receive medication that isn't really working for me at all. I don't feel better in the slightest and I don't want anymore antibiotics screwing with my immune system *sigh*

I hope everyone is having a much healthier day than me!
Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!


  1. Antibiotics really are difficult to be complacent with.
    I took an Amoxcicillin in the pst and that sent me to the ER at 12 midnight.
    I'm prescribed with Clarithromycin now too, whenever I have bacterial sickness.
    But then it also gives me that nasty feeling in the stomach, and that's when I stop taking it even if I haven't finished my prescribed dose yet. I just don't wanna land in a hospital again, not being able to breath.

    Though, didn't you take any other regualr medicine for the cold aside for antibiotics?
    Antibiotics creep me out, I don't take them until my sickness is serious.

    And, this is a super late comment. Hahaha I've been busy. T_T

    1. Bee!! :)) I didn't take any other medication before I got the cold because my cold was just starting. I like going to the doctor before I get very ill, because usually if I get a cold I know my immune system is totally down in the dumps! It's weird that I don't have any reaction to amoxycillin and it's actually the antibiotic that I prefer, but I keep forgetting to tell the doctor that I want amoxycillin. I totally agree with you, not finishing the course when you're given clarithromyocin, it's an awful antibiotic!