Review| TopShop's "Stolen Sapphires" & OFTD

Friday, 11 October 2013  at 11:20 pm
Evening Lovelies!

I've just come back from a twelve hour day and boy am I drained to the bone! Shiz niz just got real at uni, meeting up with supervisors and receiving feedback from them on assignments is more nerve wrecking than I thought *eek!* Considering my final round of exams are coming up, I'm pretty stressed out but handling it nicely! I bet after exams are over, I'll be as sick as hell!

Tonight's review is on TopShop's nailpolish "Stolen Sapphires". Ever since I picked up a lip marker from TopShop which I reviewed here, I figured why not review a nailpolish. I was in search of a bright, neon blue (with purple undertones) nailpolish. I saw something similar to what I was looking for in Essie, but couldn't find the name. If anyone has any suggestions on a neon blue verging on purple undertoned nailpolish, please let me know! The quality isn't too bad actually of the nailpolish, there wasn't any visible chipping after a week and the formula wasn't clumpy or too thick. The one gripe I have though, is that it's streaky! One coat is not pigmented enough and one coat is the streaky coat. Other than that I applied two coats on my nails and it looked perfect. I really like the colour because it's a deep navy/purplish colour.


Jersey::Forever New

I'm off to bed! Gosh! I'm about to keel over *laughs*
Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!


  1. HAHA I like how your nails match your sweater : ) I like to do that too!

    1. I feel some sense of accomplishment if I can match my nailpolish to the outfit I'm wearing that day, ahahah!