Haul|Clothes for uni

Sunday, 17 February 2013  at 8:56 am
Morning Lovelies!

It's no joke, but third year is such a wirlwind of studying and labs it's overwhelming. But, nothing I can't handle! *smiles* Hopefully, just hopefully I'll get into honours this year or else I'll have to transfer to another university to do my honours degree and I don't want that.

So, since my life has been a bit hectic I've decided that I'll upload whatever I haven't uploaded yet (which is a lot) and spread them apart so updating is still at a regular pace. I just have a plain simple haul of some of the things that I bought to wear at uni, nothing special or spectacular but I do still hope you enjoy!


I wore this for Christmas last year with a black lace body suit.

I bought the skirt from Jo Borkett which is a designer store down here. Even though I can only afford clothes from designer shops like these at the end of the season where there are huge sales! I don't see the point any more in buying clothes that are cheap and will only last you a couple of months or so.

I love the red lining underneath the skirt and at the time I was meant to wear it for New Years eve last year but I ended up not going out that night *fail*

I'm holding it at the back because the waist area was far too big and gaped like an eye-sore! So, when I went down to my home-town I got it altered and it fits like a glove!

This top is in a size 10 which as you can see is far too big, I managed to exchange it for a size 6 which I'll upload how that looks in my next haul.

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!