First snow experience!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012  at 7:42 pm
Evening, evening, evening!

I'm SO excited to share my first experience of finally being able to see, touch and taste snow! I'm sure many of my lovelies don't know but I live in the Southern hemisphere and down here it never snows! So, when it started snowing yesterday I was absolutely thrilled! Beyond thrilled actually. Seeing snow for the very first time just made my sick of a crappy day worthwhile! It was absolutely amazing! I can't describe or show any more excitement for how happy I was. I need to say though, that the representation of snow on TV and in real life is ABSOLUTELY misleading. They always make snow look as if it's not cold and it's awesome and the weather isn't freezing. It was literally a snow blizzard and I couldn't feel my hands! I was in the snow so long taking pictures of everything covered in its absolute glory that I seemed to forget I couldn't feel my fingers! My hands were BLOOD red! I thought the tissue in my hands were going to start dying they were so cold! *laughs* But besides the wonderful day I had, prior to that I've been seriously ill lately, I literally have to drag my bum bum to uni everyday it's awful. The one thing that upset me the most that day was, I was sick and I had to trek through the awful freezing blizzard! You might think that favorite person would offer me a lift, but oh no, he didn't. I'm sure anyone else if they had known how ill I was that day would have given me a lift. It's true what my mom said you honestly can't rely on anyone these days besides your family.  

If you're in a relationship aren't you meant to be able to rely on each other?

*All pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII, I really want an SIII!*

 On my way to Med Campus, I had to take refuge underneath a parking area because it was so cold. The snow was relentless! It attacked me from all sides!

 I loved how magical it made the lawns look, usually these lawns look like poop but now with the snow it feels like a winter wonderland!

Somebodies car covered in snow. At Med Campus, people were writing messages like "I'm here", "it's snowing!" and "wash your car" on other people's cars *laughs*

Tried with all my might to pose like a true poser....

 But, the snow won in the end. It flew into my mouth, in my eyes JUST everywhere, I'm not complaining *smiles*

Took some pictures with friends.

 Loved how the flowers looked after the snow had fallen!

My BLOOD red hands! At this point I couldn't feel them at all >< I never realized how sore your hands can get when it's extremely cold!

I know that everyone in the Northern will be laughing at me at how amazed I am at snow, but seriously the stuff is awesome! It'll make my day everyday if it snowed! 

Until the next post!

Bye Bye~ 


  1. Hahah nice of you to have your first experience. Sort of weird that you've never seen it before, but the one time it does snow, it's snowing so much!

  2. XD I know it is weird, it snowed here like 7 years ago but at that time I was in my hometown where it NEVER ever snows. I thought it was going to be light snow falling but that blizzard took me by surprise LOL

  3. Ahaha sorry for my randomness. Just stalking your blog and I couldn't help but commenting at this :--------D It was so funny to read of your reaction on seeing snow haha. I live in Finland and yeah. We have a lot of snow (unfortunately). Here everyone gets mad just by hearing someone talking about snow - ughhh I wish we had summer all around the year ! Congrats for.... seeing snow, okay that was weird lol.

  4. Ahahaha XD It's so weird how most of my readers from the North (I live in the South) are probably like "GOSH! I hate snow so much why is she so fascinated with it?!" But, down here the Summers are SO hot I HATE it! I hate how warm and humid it gets. Summer is extremely uncomfortable down here because it's so hot, I honestly hate Summer lol I prefer Winter (meaning snow ^^) over Summer any day! But, I know it must be weird to read a reaction from someone who has NEVER seen snow before lol it was still one of the best experiences of my life so far!