Thursday, 9 August 2012  at 6:08 pm

I tried my hand at a bit of DIY'ing....I suppose? Considering I alter my jewelry all the time it isn't really DIY'ing for me. I've been interested in stacking my bracelets lately (on my arm of course!). Since Summer is going to rear it's pretty head soon, arm candy is a must! I don't think any of my lovelies know but I'm OBSESSED with having a name written on a grain of rice! Yes, I'm childish like that. It must have something to do with feeling closer to them? I don't know, I love small things that give me comfort and these bracelets always manage to do that for me.

I replaced the black strap with red rope and red ribbon. Since red is a lucky colour I decided to make the bracelet entirely red.

Bought these at the Oriental City close to my house. Since the snow blizzard and my hands almost dying I bought these so I'm better equipped when another snow blizzard decides to come along.

Simple diamond studs for my second ear piercing. Oh, I need to say this, to all the lovelies that want to get extra piercings when you get them pierced using a needle, the whole it creates is big I won't say huge to scare you off's pretty big >< I won't ever not wear a second earring because the hole is so big. I should have gotten my second ear piercing done with a gun but at the time I didn't know any better, a gun creates a smaller hole but healing time is longer than with a needle. So, there's a con and a pro to each method.

Till the next post!

Bye Bye~

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