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Friday, 11 November 2011  at 11:50 am

Lovelies, so! I have two more exams left! Aren't I the lucky first year that I am. I still have to write my wonderful major biology, I have two papers to write spread over a week. So, I'm writing biology paper one on Monday and biology paper two on Thursday. I end on my boyfriends birthday! But I won't be able to see him after his exam because the youngling in the family isn't allowed out at night. So, I'll have to make do with the time before his exam to see him. But! I've been using my time wisely in between the free time I get before I write exams, namely: cam-whoring and searching for the perfect birthday present for my favorite person (smile) don't worry, I've been studying too (laughs).

I lost my notes for over an hour! But I hid my notes away like a bau5! So, I found them later.

Stupid notes, causing me unnecessary stress!

I've been battling with a red eye, it looked worse than this in the beginning of my exams, but it's cleared up now.


I love this mirror! Elongates your body to make you look slimmer, I need a mirror like this on my insecure days, so I can feel better about the way my body looks.

Please excuse the tacky hair and oily face, I just finished writing chemistry the week before, so I wore the boyfriends hoodie and had a relaxing weekend, hence the oily face.

This is the face of a hardworking student! (jokes)

Finally got the opportunity to wear my distressed looking shorts, it's been so hot lately! It gets up to 36 degrees which is 96.8 fahrenheit.

When I have spare time, this is what I get up to (laughs).

For all the first years or anyone that is finishing with their end of year exams, I hope that you wrote with all your might! So, that you can enjoy the festive season!

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!

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