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Sunday, 20 November 2011  at 5:28 pm

Lovelies! Do you like the new layout? eh, eh, eh? (laughs) I know a few things are missing, but at least the pictures are BIGGER (smiles). So, I officially went on holiday on the 17th. What have I been doing with myself up until now you ask? Well, spending time with my favorite person of-course! (smiles). I haven't actually spent that much time with him to be honest. I spent the day after his birthday with him. We watched a movie, had breakfast, then had a picnic watched another movie and it was just perfect! The picnic was the highlight for me, we sat at a pond and it felt like we were a reminiscing newlywed couple (laughs). I think the picnic was the highlight for me, because he didn't know that I had planned a picnic for the two of us. I love surprising him! So, other than spending quality time with my favorite person I've been shoppiiiing! We all love a good shopping spree now don't we? My lovelies, I swear I didn't buy that much this time actually (laughs). Besides, I've been buying items/things over the course of a few weeks, so the damage isn't that bad. Before I forget, KONAD came down here! KONAD! I thought Konad was only restricted to the lovely developed countries (laughs). Luckily, I was able to buy a set of stamping sets before they left. They were trying to find buyers in our area but for some unknown reason nobody wants to be a buyer! I would've been one if I had the money! I was so heartsore when they left! The lady even gave me her number to ship stamping sets/supplies to me whenever I might need them. Bless her heart. She better follow through with her promise! (laughs).

I tried on Woolworth's red cropped skinny jeans, it was a good fit, but, I don't know what to wear it with, I don't know what would look better. A white summery top or a top that has red accents in it?

This top isn't white, it's actually a light, light beige color, so, I'm guessing it's a cream kinda color (laughs) I love how it's longer at the back and shorter in front. I got this top at Edgar's for 99 zar ($12.04) if I'm not mistaken.

This skirt was horrid! The belt was too big and there was no way of me removing the belt because it was attached to the skirt. Due to my pear shape figure, my waist is so much smaller than my hips that I always have this problem. Jeans especially always gape at the back because of this, it's annoying. I found this at Edgar's as well, I didn't buy it, so I don't know the price of it.

Shopping for favorite persons birthday present! :D The cap I'm wearing, I actually bought it (laughs) it was on sale, and I figured that in winter it could keep my ears warm I bought it at Markham's for 99 zar ($12.04), I actually think I bought it for less but let's just estimate that it was for 99 zar.

One of my hand picked tops that I bought for my favorite person! I love this top! It looks absolutely gorgeous on him!

OFTD? You know it!

My brother wanted me to run down the battery on his camera so I took pictures like a crazed photographer (laughs).

Excuse the wide hips.

Photoshop much?

SNSD performing "The boys" for their comeback! This is only part of what I do in my free time (laughs). 

Cam-whoring? You know it!

My new grey nail color, I do have other grays amongst my various nail polishes, but, all of them are solid colors, this one had a shimmer to it, so it isn't a grey that's there in your face. I bought this at Queenspark for 34.95 zar ($4.25). Aura is Queenspark's new line of make-up. It's aimed at selling high quality make-up at an affordable price. They're doing pretty well in the nail polish department. The consistency of the nail polishes and the pigmentation is pretty good. It offers a medium coverage for your nails, so, you get what you pay for. They grey is in the color "desire".

I've had to change my skin care routine again! I've been battling with outbreaks lately and I'm guessing it's because of the recent exam stress and not eating properly. Since Clinique's anti-blemish solutions contains salicylic acid, it prevents further breakouts. It does seem to be working but I haven't been using it for a long enough period of time to give an accurate review on it.

My new elasticy gladiators! I bought these beauties at Trueworth's. When I tried them on, they were the most comfortable shoes in the world! But when I actually trial tested them in my university (walking around and schtuff), they hurt my feet like I couldn't believe! The metal part digs into my skin and it's just uncomfortable, but I don't care much for comfort, if it looks good it's serving it's purpose (laughs).

It has a leather part by the toes, and the rest from there up is elastic. It's good quality and they look good.

Bought this 60's(?) inspired dress at Jay Jay's. I love the printing on the dress and that it's cut out on the sides. I didn't realize that the dress had pockets until favorite person put his hands in them (laughs). He told me that it shows him, that I don't know what I'm buying or how much attention I pay to things (laughs).

I swear it isn't white, it's a beige/cream color. The camera lies!

I'll upload the Konad haul, tomorrow sometime, I'm sure all the pictures are killing your bandwidths (laughs).

Until the next post, night night! ^^

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