Final Claire's haul

Saturday, 6 August 2011  at 9:44 pm

My lovelies, so university life has taken a turn for the better! Surprise, surprise. (laughs). I've recently been taken off the singles bus, so university life looks so much brighter now! (laughs). Enough of that. So, it seems down here that most of the Claire's shops are closing down because they aren't making enough profit. I really loved the Claire's shops, they always offered something different and unique. They obviously had a closing down sale, you could buy ten items for 100 zar ($14.52), I of course took full advantage of this deal and of course bought myself ten cute items!

All the items posted were 10 zar ($1.45). I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this post! I hope everyone will have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!

Until the next post

Bye Bye~

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