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Wednesday, 24 September 2014  at 6:46 pm


So currently down here in the South we are celebrating National Braai(Barbecue) Day or better known as Heritage Day! I would post pictures of all the amazing traditional clothing I saw today, but since I have no particular heritage and don't identify with any heritage for that matter, this day is kinda a meh-ish day for me *laughs*. Getting onto some more serious matters of the heart, I picked up Clinique's line smoothing concealer a few months back, because what's the point in writing a review and I haven't used the aforementioned product for at least a month? I picked up this piece of happiness at Edgar's for R250::$22. I think I should have picked up the "All about eyes concealer" but since I'm a noob and know minimal about make-up, I didn't know it existed...onto the review!


I'm not too finicky about the doe foot applicator since the concealer is only being dabbed onto my face, but I think others might have an issue with it being unhygienic. Which is ironic because I think using lipstick is pretty unhygienic, if you think about it.

I always know that if concealer blends in perfectly with my hand, it'll definitely match perfectly in my face since my hands are way darker than my face. The concealer hasn't broken me out and need I say my face is super sensitive to any perfume that might be in a cosmetic product. I break out almost immediately if a product has perfume in it. I've experienced no creasing under my under eye area, which is why I love this product so, so, so much! I've read online about concealers that cause a cakey feeling, or turns to chalk dust and you can see the creasing on your skin. Thankfully this lives up to its name of being a line smoothing concealer. I did however experience some dryness around my nose area, but at the time I was only using sunscreen on my face and no moisturizer, so it could be due to that, that it happened. The concealer doesn't leave my oily combination skin feeling oily and yucky, which tends to happen when I have layers of products on my face

On another note, I've broken out majorly on my forehead, thanks to Eucerin's AQUAporin active SPF15+UVA moisturizer. It says it's been tested on sensitive skins and states that it's suitable for sensitive skin types, well that's a modest statement, now isn't it? I'm put off by Eucerin now, since my forehead looks like a dartboard, ugh!

I hope you found this review helpful!
Till we meet again!
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  1. Awesome review! I was a bit scared because the color of the concealer looked way to light for your skin, but it looks like it blended in well. I've recently started breaking out a lot too. I have this huge pimple on my forehead that I'm sooo conscious about. No matter how much concealer I put on it, it's still so obvious!

    May from La Vie en May