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Sunday, 30 March 2014  at 5:04 pm

Have you ever experimented with acrylic nails? I certainly have and to the detriment of my nails, it took 8 weeks of re-growth for my nails to become somewhat healthy again. Since I'm a cheapskate in many aspects of nail art (I'll never let a nail technician do my nails again), I decided instead of painting my natural nails and ending up with awfully yellow stained nails, I'd apply acrylic nails on my nails. I've taken pictures of what the acrylic nails look like on my nails (here) and need I say I'm never applying acrylic nails again. It's probably my fault, no actually, it is my fault, I've mentioned in previous posts that I have nervous habits. One of these habits happens to be picking at my nails and my cuticles. When I first applied acrylic nails I marveled at how slim they made my fingers look and that I could get my desired nail shape with the swipe of a file! But as all things are, good things come to an end and I get bored very easily. I decided one night after applying acrylic nails for a few weeks now (I never applied them properly so they would fall off easily) that I would file all ten acrylic nails off my natural nail....and that was the end of my nails. As I filed, I paid close attention to not file half my nail away, but that obviously didn't work as I'm half blind in any case, mishaps are bound to happen. After I had finished massacring my nails this is what they looked like after!

My nails were badly banged up from excessive filing, applying super glue to my nails to attach the acrylic nails and lifting the acrylic nails off my natural nails. It isn't visible, but on my ring finger, I had filed off so much of my natural nail, that I had a ridge/indentation in my nail (eek!).

During this time period, all I did was wait, and wait and wait for my nails to grow out. I'd clip them shorter and that was it. As you can see I didn't moisturize my cuticles so I had hang nails and all that nasty stuff! I was just too scared to do anything with my nails, that I just left them to re-grow healthy again.

After 8 very long weeks, my nails had finally out grown their unhealthy state. If nails didn't re-grow I'd probably end up with the most badly damaged nails on planet earth with the way I treat them (cringe). So my advice to all you lovely ladies who tend to have similar habits, be patient and wait for the acrylic nails to either fall off your nails naturally or grow out. Or if you really can't stand them, soak them in nail polish remover which will remove them pretty effectively too. I hope this has deterred some of you from doing what I did *laughs* I hope you enjoyed reading this post and till we meet again!

Bye Bye!

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