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Tuesday, 10 December 2013  at 5:13 pm

Oh boy, today has to be one of the most stressful days of my life by far! I read yesterday online that my results were going to be released today. I honestly thought I was going to fail because my physiology mark was so low that I had to go for a viva (an oral exam). To my absolute joy when I checked my marks online this morning, I'm finally done with my last year in uni and now a fully fledged biochemist! I'm so happy!! Happy doesn't even begin to explain how ecstatic I am and overjoyed! 2013 began on a low note and ended on a high, I'm so happy! All that awaits for me now, is to get accepted into one of the two honours programs that I am on a waiting list for, so hopefully that happens. Fingers crossed!

For a while I was into acrylic nails and how pretty they looked. Unfortunately, they completely destroyed my nails, my nails are thin and the nail plate is basically banged up by the nail file I used to file off the acrylic nail. A note to anyone who tries to remove acrylic nails faster, do not use a nail file to remove it faster! My nails are on a break forever from acrylic nails and now I'm waiting for them to grow out to their healthy selves again. The highlight of today's mani are pointed tips and the gradient effect. I hope you enjoy this post!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until we meet again!
Bye Bye!

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  1. I can never rock pointy nails because I scratch myself a lot!
    It's been awesome looking around your blog and I encourage you to participate in my give away!