Update| What have I been doing?

Sunday, 11 November 2012  at 12:04 pm

It's now...07:47am and I'm feeling nostalgic and good this morning! So! I know I was meant to update 3 days ago, but I got kinda caught up in my holiday spirit! No, actually there's been some fighting here at home and that stupid stuff. On Thursday when I wrote my last exam, I watched "The possession" with my bf! It scared the crap out of me! I swear! It was SO scary >< I love horrors and watching horror movies but one thing I hate seeing is people being possessed. I don't know for some reason, I can stand seeing people getting tortured (like in Saw...does that make me a sadist?) and it doesn't phase me. Considering I still want to go down to level 4 which is where my university keeps the cadavers I'm messed up, just a bit. I'm getting off-track >< Basically this post will have some of the pictures I took during the time I was missing, so if you love looking at random pictures of my somewhat everyday life, this post is for you! Oh! While I was away I literally stalked beautifymeeh's blog >< I feel so bad actually, but everyone does it so it takes some guilt off of me XD I couldn't wait to see how her baby boy Yunwoo was going to look. He's so cute! So cute! And he's such a good baby too! When I was younger I just cried all the time lol because I was born with colic. Thankfully, I've got my foot in the door of third year, because I've already passed my physiology course and the rest of marks will be released sometime in December, before I leave for my hometown. I can't wait to start third year, I HATE studying with a passion, but if you love the course you're in, you don't mind to put the extra hours in. My upcoming posts will be about hauls, a gift I received from the Bornprettystore and metallic silver nails I ordered online from Zando!
First up! My science fair!

I decided to make a model of the SARS-CoV virus. Needless to say my lab partner to NOTHING and I did all the work, as usual. Earned me a good B+ this model!

I have no idea what thus virus is to be honest *laughs*

This was the biggest model at the fair! Everyone joked and said that they must have good engineering friends, because their model lit up! It had LED lights! I know when I told my bf about this model he said that all they did was make the legend and nothing else *laughs* Needless to say they won the prize at the fair which sucked! I wanted to win!

T4 bacteriophage virus, absolutely love!

The building I've been in for the past year and the building that will now become my new home *laughs* This is what our crappy science department building looks like.

I hate getting home from uni in the evening! During my second semester coming at 6-8pm was the usual. It makes me laugh at the students that complain about morning classes, because I ALWAYS have morning classes. So stop whining if you have morning classes it won't change when you get to uni!

 I really want to get an infinity tattoo with my bf.

These were so cute! I had thyme, basil, parsley and coriander! They were so cute when they sprouted, since I'm not good with plants and they usually die, I ended up giving them to my mum on the bf's suggestion. She planted them outside and my puppy dug them out of the soil *laughs* When my mum told me what had happened I unknowingly said "So? What's the problem?" I didn't realize what she was talking about or what plants she was referring to. I was kinda sad when I realized what had happened.

I think it's known as homecoming overseas? But down here it's known as  "Matric dance" because matric refers to our final year in high-school. Lovelies, please note, I wore this dress 2 years ago, so I decided to try it on during my study break and it still fit! I was so glad! My body weight hasn't changed much since high-school. But, I absolutely love this dress to pieces, it's the first dress my mum spent a lot of money on and it was tailored to my small frame so it doesn't fall down or anything.

And of course the complimentary cam-whoring, as per usual!

I tried on this wig to see what I would look like with short hair.

I really liked these caps, they reminded me of the fobby style that use to be floating around.

Yupp, so that pretty much sums up what I've been doing during my exam period, unless you consider all the fighting and arguing I did with the ones I love the most that's pretty much it.

Till we meet again!

Bye Bye!


  1. Bloody awesome protein models!
    Hahah, your science building looks like our Math building here.
    I believe it's silent, with empty corridors and a bit eerie, with super genius brain waves! hahahah ♥

    1. Bee the building is so eerie you have no idea XD I remember when I was under a lot of stress in second year since there are 8 floors I use to stare at the 8th floor and think "if I fell from there would it hurt?" XD So, I told my brother and he says "it'll be the easy way out, so you can't jump out from the 8th floor" And the protein models did look pretty good!