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Sunday, 18 November 2012  at 10:42 am

Gosh! I'm so sleepy these days, which I can blame on my complete laziness! I don't know why when holidays hit, I'm bored for the first few days and want to go back to uni and then as I settle in, I have this attitude of "fudge this, I'm sleeping my life away!" I must confess, but I've had hauls stashed on my computer that I haven't had time to upload. So, these are pretty old and super late, I ask for forgiveness! I also haven't been updating as frequently as I promised because....I ran out of bandwidth *laughs* Oh, the joy of only receiving 25gigs during the day. Onto the haul!

I hope all my lovelies are having a wonderful weekend so far! Can you belive it Christmas is just around the corner? Just the other day I was still trying to find out in what venue my classes were in *laughs* Time is really moving fast!

Till the next post!

Bye Bye!

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