Nail Art| Halloween Inspired!

Saturday, 18 October 2014  at 6:20 pm

So tonight will be a good ol' quick check-in and out post, since my academic life isn't going as well as I'd hope it would go. I always feel that if things are running too smoothly, expect something to appear from no-where like a tornado and sweep you off your feet....if only that "thing" that swept you off your feet were Mr. Grey! As promised, here is a Halloween inspired nail art design, I hope you like it as much as I do! :)

 There always has to be a blood splatter in there somewhere, Fright Night (1985) anyone?

 Boo! Aren't the spooky ghosts adorable? I love their chubby bellies *laughs*
 Nope, it's not the same picture, I promise.
So, for in anticipation of Halloween, what will you be renting/watching this Halloween? I know I'll be ripping out the classics...well classics in my opinion like, Freddy vs Jason, Nightmare on elm street (cliche much?), Friday the 13th and Fright Night! Really good horrors that I've watched recently and have kept me on my toes for weeks, are The Possession and The Conjuring. I can't wait to watch Anabelle and Jessebelle...I'm sure you can all tell but I love horrors!

Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!

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