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Thursday, 1 May 2014  at 11:43 pm
Good Evening!

Oh gosh! It seems like forever since I last updated, even though it's only been a week. But uni and assignments and the flu and all these things sucked me into a wormhole! And here we are in the new month! How does it feel? Feel's pretty meh-ish to me thus far. Not only have I been swamped with staying up late until the early hours of the morning, literally writing a mini thesis, but my bleeding disorder has gotten me worried lately. Since I kind of went into a relapse last month, which scared me for what was in store for this month. But so far so good! On a much lighter note, I have a culmination of items that I picked up last month! So I hope you enjoy tonight's post! :) 

||Call It Spring||

I found this gem of a store in one of my local shopping malls. I never ventured inside the store because it looked dark and...well a bit dodgy. What possessed me to take a look inside, I thank all the time because this is now my favorite shop to go to, to buy midi rings and cute earrings for my conch. I'm hoping to find earrings for my rook piercing that will be coming out in a couple of very long months *laughs*

Clickey for more pictures! :)

||Things & Tings||

I've finally bought a complete skin care range, when I say that I mean, face wash, toner and moisturizer. Before, I used Garnier and Clinique products on my face. I'd use a Garnier face wash and moisturizer and Clinique toner. Apparently it's bad for your skin to use different products but I've never broken out and my face hasn't gotten use to the products as of yet. I only bought a complete skincare range because it's easier to buy in stores in stead of having to hunt for the cheapest facial wash.

Oh boy am I glad I bought this! It  makes me kind of disappointed that I bought Sally Hansen's cuticle massage cream which I reviewed here! I know I raved about the cuticle massage cream, but after I'd use it and washed my hand,s my cuticles would be as dry as the desert and back to the same dry state they were in before. With the cuticle eraser and balm I apply it on my cuticles the night before and even when I wash my hands the next morning my cuticles are still moisturized. It's as if with each passing day my cuticles become healthier and healthier. I absolutely love this balm especially during the winter months which are coming up pretty soon down here!

I have yet to see an improvement in the health of my nails from this product. The only thing I love about it, is how fast it dries. If you're like me and can't wait for a base-coat to dry, I say give this a try. It dries quickly and it leaves a thin coat on the nails unlike other base-coats which feel heavy and thick.

This was definitely a disappointment. I've mentioned before that I stick to Vaseline's germsafe line when I have severely chapped lips. The Maybelline baby lips, claims to offer 8 hours of moisture, all it left me with was uncomfortable taught lips! I hated this product, it did nothing for my lips and I especially bough the intense balm one because my lips are so dry. This is just my opinion but if it works for anyone else out there, please let me know in the comments section below!

This is the first Make-up bag I've ever owned in my life that has a newbies complete set of make-up brushes. I still want to buy a Kabuki brush because I hear everyone talk about it, even though I don't know what it's used for *laughs*

Since I drive to uni now, I needed something to keep all my things like my student card and money for lunch.  I love that the purse is compact and cute! The zipper is pretty strong and the compartment area is just enough for a student that has virtually now money to store *laughs*

This adequately displays my student life right now, kinda full but not quite *laughs*

How could I resist!! I've been lusting ever since I got an I-phone to expand my repertoire of phone cases. How could I resist Rilakumma?? He's sooo cute!! I can't gush enough about this phone case it's so cute! I bought the pearl and sequinced phone case from Forever New, it reminds me of the dress that I wore for my graduation :)

I splurged on nail foils and decals because during tough times aint no one got time to wait for nailpolish to dry!

Do I even need to explain this? I have a love-affair with tights on the whole and this is no exception. Although I'm disappointed at the quality since it's one size fits all the leg length is too short. Since my legs are longer than my torso #awkward. On my left leg, the bunnies ears were stuck down with glue on the packaging it came in....so weird but I'm sure with a good wash *fingers crossed* the glue will come out and the ears will look semi normal again.


Since I can't get enough plaid, half my closet is now filled with plaid shirts!

I love this wrap around skirt! It reminds me so much of the 90's when all my friends would wear one but my mum wouldn't buy me one *laughs* I feel like it could become a staple for Summer because it's kind of airy and just awesome looking because it can fit with anything!

I've been on a quest to find a cool velvet top to fit my navy velvet skirt. I feel like velvet skirts are so hard to pair with items of clothing because it's hard to make them not look tacky. Is the top a yay or nay?

*laughs* I thought this was a pretty fun top have, I love the material it's stretchy and air perfect for hot Summer nights when everything feels too hot!

I hope you enjoyed my haul! :)
Till we meet again!
Bye Bye!

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