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Tuesday, 1 May 2012  at 10:07 am

My grandmother decided to pay the family a visit, was....enjoyable...I guess *laughs* she got really sick on the second day she was here. I've never heard anyone throw up so much in my life *cringe* she's leaving today and so is my father. Stress has been getting to me lately (doesn't it always?) and it's been taking a toll on certain aspects in my life, which I wish it didn't. I have block tests coming up in about a week and a bit and then midterm examinations. Hectic! Hectic! Hectic! I had a somewhat long weekend, would have been longer if I were able to sleepover at my favourite persons house. Lovelies, I'd like to know:
How many of you sleepover at your boyfriends house?
My father is really conservative so these things take time, I mean when favourite person came over he got angry because I was sitting on his lap! That's what people who love each other very much do! I'm turning 20 soon and I'd like a bit of freedom, how long do I have to wait to get it? Don't they trust me enough? I've realised that I really need to get my act together! I've somehow banished myself to this never ending pit of self-pity, I want out! Life looks much better seen through the eyes of an optimist than a pessimist. I was talking about it last night to favourite person, but I've really become pessimistic as I've gotten older. It's as if all the fun and joy has been sucked out of my soul and all I'm left with are these unearthly, vile, emotions. I truly hate it. As I got older I got more serious and pessimistic, it's so funny, because my brother use to be like this and I vowed to never become like him, and look what happened. It's not hard to change an old optimist into a new one right? I seriously think I've lost my way somewhere between high-school and transitioning into university. I need to get things sorted out!

I've been going up and down to the airport like a true businesswoman *laughs* only to pick up relatives from the airport sadly. 

Can't wait! So excited, you don't understand!

Top: Trueworths
Skirt: Jay Jays
Stockings: No idea *laughs*
Bracelets: Diva(?)
Shoes: No idea

Grandmother gave this to me when we picked her up from the airport, pretty isn't it?

Morning drinks at mcdees with family

Top + Jersey: Trueworths
Shorts: Jay Jays
Shoes: No idea

I hope everyone will have a good week ahead!

Till the next post!
Bye Bye!

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